the Beldens

Peter Anthony  Belden


Helen Patricia Johnson Belden (his wife)



Brian Andrew Belden



Martin Theodore Belden (“Mart”)



Beatrix Alicia Belden (“Trixie”)



Robert Harold Belden (“Bobby”)



     the Belden Relatives

Andrew Allen Belden (Peter’s Brother)




Harold Addison Belden (Peter’s Brother)


Eleanor Sophia Griffin Belden (his wife)



Knutson Coeur Belden



Capleton Wickes Belden



Hallena Sierra Belden




Alicia Elaine Johnson (Helen’s Sister)


John David Wilkinson (her fiance, deceased)




Martin Thomas Johnson (Helen’s Brother)


Olivia Katherine Clark Johnson (his wife)



Patrick Martin Johnson



Phillip Thomas Johnson



     the Fraynes

James Winthrop Frayne I (deceased)


Annabelle Claire Tillemont Frayne (“Nell”, his wife, deceased)



     the Frayne Relatives

Winthrop Jonathan Frayne (“Win”, James’ nephew, deceased)


Katje Laryn Vanderheiden Frayne Jones (his wife, deceased)



James Winthrop Frayne II (“Jim” – adopted by the Wheelers at age 15)




Betje Dorothea Vanderheiden Maadsden (Katje’s sister, deceased)


Wilhelm Rutger Maadsden (her husband, deceased)



Juliana Kaelin Maadsden




Clayton Nathaniel Jones (Katje’s second husband)




Hans Kyler Vorwald (Juliana’s husband)



Kyler James Vorwald (“Kyle”)
    Kaelin Dorothea Vorwlad (“Kali”)
    Karel Tryne Vorwald (“Kari”)

     the Lynches

Edward Maxwell Lynch


Carol Ann Wilson Lynch (his wife)



Diana Josephine Lynch (“Di”)



Lawrence Edward Lynch (“Larry”)



Terrence Maxwell Lynch (“Terry”)



Meliora Carol Lynch (“Lori”)



Victoria Ann Lynch (“Tori”)



     the Wheelers

Matthew Bradford Wheeler


Madeleine Grace Hart Wheeler (“Maddie”, his wife)



Madeleine Grace Wheeler (“Honey”)



     the Wheeler Relatives

Nadine Faith Hart Riker (Maddie’s sister)


Gregory Barrington Riker (her husband)



Benjamin Gregory Riker



     the Regans

William Sean Regan (“Bill” or “Regan”)




Maura Elizabeth Regan Mangan (his sister, deceased)


Timothy Wayne Mangan (“Tim”, her husband, deceased)



Daniel Timothy Mangan (“Dan”)



     Additional Characters

Emily Annaliese Duvall (a journalist)




George Maitland Kimball (a business associate of Matthew Wheeler)


Lillian Sue Grayson Kimball (“Lilli”, his wife)



Peter Christopher Kimball




Charles Jefferson Montgomery III (“Chuck”, a business associate of Matthew Wheeler)


Allison Lee Van Althorp Sheridan Montgomery (his second wife)



Charles Jefferson Montgomery IV (“Jeff”)



Elizabeth Rose Sheridan (“Beth”)



Justin Lee Montgomery




George Cabott Rainsford (James Frayne’s former attorney)




Avery Rachel Staton (a police detective)




The other secondary characters from the original Trixie Belden series


     And introducing the 2nd Generation Bob-Whites . . .

  Bradford Peter Belden (“Brad”)


Caroline Helena Belden


Daniel Martin Belden (“Danny”)


James Brian Belden (“Jamie”)


Maddix Joseph Belden


Patricia Ann Belden (“Trish”)


Triana Grace Belden


James Winthrop Frayne III (“Trey”)


Josephine Grace Frayne (“Josie”)


Juliana Helen Frayne (“Julie”)


Hope Elizabeth Mangan


Timothy Belden Mangan


William Capleton Mangan (“Will”)

These characters and their stories assume the reader’s common knowledge of the Trixie Belden series. Please note, due to the turning of the tide, some characters may be changed, added, or deleted.


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